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Resources and Tools

Discover resources and tools to help you on your journey to high availability.


Learn what resources are available to help you create and maintain a highly available Salesforce experience.

ResourceSuccess PlanDescription
Key Event ManagementSignaturePartner with Salesforce to plan and prepare for important events, such as deployments and high volume events, and upcoming Salesforce releases.
Proactive MonitoringSignatureWork with experts to set up preventative monitoring for limits, performance, and errors that will provide early warnings if reaching the established threshold.
Root Cause AnalysesSignatureReceive in-depth analysis when an incident impacts your org, including what happened, what caused it, and how Salesforce resolved it.
Salesforce ArchitectStandard, Premier, or SignatureFind out how to design, build, and maintain a healthy, scalable Salesforce solution.
Salesforce DeveloperStandard, Premier, or SignatureLearn how to develop and extend your Salesforce solution.
Salesforce HelpStandard, Premier, or SignatureLearn how to get started with, grow, and manage your Salesforce solution.
Salesforce TrustStandard, Premier, or SignatureView the status of Salesforce services and performance.


See what tools you can use to support your org’s availability.

Performance AssistantDevelop, test, and optimize the performance and scalability of your Salesforce solution.
Event MonitoringGain visibility to data about your org’s security, performance, and adoption.
Salesforce OptimizerReceive in-app advice and recommendations based on your unique org.
Lightning InspectorInspect, identify, and resolve metadata issues that could affect performance while developing in Lightning Experience.
Salesforce Code AnalyzerAnalyze multiple coding languages that identifies potential issues, such as poor code styling and security vulnerabilities, based on predefined rules.
Sandbox orgsRun performance and load tests and stage changes in a Full Sandbox using a replica of your production org. Perform quality assurance, user testing, and training in a Partial Copy Sandbox.
Developer orgsDevelop and test a copy of your production org’s configuration in an isolated environment.