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Availability Best Practices

Salesforce’s infrastructure investments ensure customers have enterprise-grade resiliency and availability. You too can make availability a priority for a more reliable Salesforce experience.

Customer-experienced availability is a shared responsibility.

Salesforce relies on customers to implement and maintain their solution with availability as a priority to help ensure a stable, reliable experience for everyone.

Design Resilient Salesforce Solutions

Start your Salesforce journey on the right foot.

  • Consider your company’s use cases against Salesforce feature limitations.
  • Understand common areas of availability risks.
  • Minimize potential business impact during limited availability events.

Optimize for Performance

Design and operate your org with performance in mind.

  • Follow performance best practices during implementation, testing, and daily operations.
  • Test and manage your solution’s performance regularly.
  • Work with Salesforce to make your solution scaleable to your business goals and future growth.

Prepare for Major Releases and Ensure Safe Changes

Plan and prepare for updates and changes to your org.

  • Make informed decisions about major releases.
  • Proactively adopt critical Salesforce updates.
  • Adopt automated testing and DevOps to minimize performance availability risks.
  • Consider advanced release strategies to further safeguard changes in your org.

Monitor and Support

Learn how to manage daily operations and when to ask for help.

  • Consider how you monitor your solution to detect potential availability issues.
  • Empower your operations team to diagnose and triage issues when they occur.
  • Know when and how to leverage Salesforce Support.

Respond to and Resolve Incidents

No matter how prepared, the unexpected can still occur.

  • Develop an incident response plan to quickly recover and minimize business impact.
  • Continuously improve your incident response plan with internal exercises and reviews.
  • Prioritize fixing the root cause to avoid repeated incidents.

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