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The trusted cloud platform. Loved by developers, trusted by CIOs.

Benefits of Hyperforce

Data Residency

Choice and control for residency and compliance.


Architect with flexibility to scale reliably.


Build with next generation security.


Maintain every custom app and integration you’ve built on Salesforce.


Drive velocity with zero downtime updates and faster sandbox environments.

Prepare for Your Hyperforce Org Upgrade

Be Prepared

Before your Hyperforce upgrade, review How to Prepare for an Org Migration, watch Get Ready for Hyperforce, and use Hyperforce Assistant to run org-contextual checks to verify preparedness.

Get Notified

Sign up for Product, Service, and Trust notifications to stay up-to-date, and get in-app notifications through Hyperforce Assistant.

Plan Accordingly

Know what to expect on migration day and be mindful of your maintenance window.

Learn More About Hyperforce Org Upgrades


Introducing Hyperforce – General Information & FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Hyperforce.

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Get Expert Knowledge

Watch Salesforce experts walk you through the benefits and the capabilities of Hyperforce.

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Get Ready for Hyperforce

Learn how you can prepare your org for a smooth org migration and upgrade to Hyperforce.

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Hyperforce: The Future of Salesforce Infrastructure

Your organization trusts Salesforce Customer 360 to keep your data secure and compliant, scale your business, and deliver with speed and agility. The next generation of Salesforce’s infrastructure, Hyperforce, is here.

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Andy Griffiths, Director, Technical Product Management, Service Delivery